What Are Managed Services?

Managed services are the kind of services that are provided by a Managed Service Provider for the client or customer. The client in this case outsources the managed services from the service provider based on the needs of his or her organization. The client and the managed services provider can work from different locations as this is entirely an outsourced function. Managed Services Outsourcing

The use of managed services helps organizations improve on their quality output, improve efficiency and save money. How does saving the money works? Well, quick example, if the organization outsources at least 5 managed service providers from a different location, it can still manage to reduce office space for the extra 5 people, hence saving on paying the extra rentals. Managed service providers can also not have a fixed salary, helping the company only to pay for the performed work. Managed services are common in the IT systems space. Managed Services Support

How do managed services work?

The managed Service Provider enters into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with his or her client before commencing work. Unlike back in the day when managed services where offered on demand, the two parties enter into a short to medium term SLA which details how the two parties will be working together, including hours of work, the limits to what the managed service provider can do for the client and how much the client will be paying and on which terms. Managed Services Help

An IT managed service provider agrees to, on a 24-hour basis, monitor, manage and repair any systems malfunction for the client’s organization. This responsibility is maintained continuously. The managed service provider, if it is a company, assigns a client representative for different clients. This will be the person the client will always get in touch with, in case there is a problem from their side. The client representative may, from time to time, visit the clients and discuss issues affecting their business, including how the managed service provider has been of help to the client and also helping the client identify more services they may be in need of. Managed Services Repair