3 Reasons Why Managed IT Services Are Recommended for Businesses

According to a report by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the managed IT services industry is growing at an Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.5% and is projected to be worth $193B by 2019. Such massive growth can only realized due to high demand, especially from small and medium sized enterprises. There are various reasons why managed IT services are on demand compared to self-managed services. Discussed herein are three main reasons. IT Installation

Enhanced Data Security 

Data security is paramount for any organization. Every business much cushions itself against possible data losses or breaches. The fact that mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and all sorts of gadgets are today used to store and relay sensitive corporate data demands for the most enhanced data protection measures. This kind of security can only be realized with advanced cloud storage and heightened cyber security provided by managed service providers. IT Maintenance


Proactively Solve IT Problems and Guarantee Uptime 

Most businesses may not have the capacity to attend to regular IT challenges. With managed IT services, this problem is taken away, letting them worry more about their operational efficiencies. There are various challenges that might interrupt a network and bring business operations to a total halt. A managed service provider will ensure that the business is cushioned from such eventualities and guarantee continuity. IT Repair



The cost saving nature of managed IT services is not debatable. Organizations are able to shed the costly operational expenses of managing an IT department which involves purchasing the right hardware and software, management of the network infrastructure and regular maintenance of these resources. To realize that, you must have the right personnel, which is an extra strain on your payroll. You can shed off all these expenses by engaging a service provider and channel the extra cash to other productive projects. 
The final reason why managed IT services are preferred by most businesses is the fact that service providers have invested in the latest technologies. This way, they can guarantee their clients the best services. As an organization, your provider will easily identify gaps in the IT infrastructure, help improve your customers' experience and enable save money. In the end, you worry less about IT and concentrate more on your core businesses, which eventually translate to better returns on your investments. IT Consultants