What Is An MSSP and Why Does My Company Need One?

In the realm of productive and efficient networking managed services, the MSP is the main provider for companies in need of cost-effective networking resources.

MSPs specialize in providing the resources for building functional networks that handle a company’s individual needs, with a focus on network creation and management.

What Is An MSSP?

Ever hear of an MSSP?

Focusing on mainly the cybersecurity side of things, managed IT security services are like an MSP but slightly different.

MSSPs provide the highest level of networking security for companies with no security or those with greater security risks.

While many MSPs offer general security services as part of their overall IT management services, some companies have greater security needs.

These points below outline why some companies should work with an MSSP alongside their general MSP.

  1. Threat Prevention - The best security is threat prevention as opposed to disaster recovery and MSSPs are focused solely on that. Analyzing your network, finding the weak points, then making the changes necessary to prevent cyber threats from taking advantage of those weaknesses.
  2. Leading Technology - Managed IT security services work with the leading security technology to prevent threats and make networks more resilient against malware, ransomware, and other cybersecurity issues. They use the best and latest applications and methods, keeping up with the industry as new cyber threats appear and new technology is made available to deal with them.
  3. Security Experts - While general MSPs do deal with general network security, some may not be experts at threat detection and prevention the way MSSPs are. Managed IT security services are well trained in how cyber threats work, how networks are compromised, and what must be done to make networks bulletproof against all kinds of security issues.
  4. More Efficient for Companies and their MSPs - Working with a managed security service provider is more cost-effective and efficient for companies, as their MSPs can be left to handle the networking only. Rather than asking a general managed service provider to put the extra time into developing unique solutions and taking their attention away from the rest, businesses that bring an MSSP on board as well gain greater benefits from both services.

Considering Adding an MSSP

Whether your company is working with an on-site MSP or using cloud services, unless they offer MSSP services as well, your business may still have significant security risks.

Managed IT security services provide that extra layer of protection that every business working with networks of any kind needs.

Managed security service providers specialize only in the detection and prevention of cyber threats, and how to make your network unbreachable.